100 most valuable us stamps

One sold in 2011 for 1.8 million, or about $2,570,600 in inflation-adjusted 2022 dollars. They are soft, fluffy, and downright adorable. Its never a good sign when a currency collapses and a substitute needs to be created. The same sample that was part of a famous United States Stamp Treasures: The William H. Gross Collection was sold by Siegel in October 2018. Since the appearance of Penny Black in the 19th century, stamps have become one of the most desired objects of collectors' passion. Whereas Cherrystone offered one of only three known sound copies of this premier rarity for $250,000 at its The New Amsterdam Collection of United States Rarities sale on July 10, 2019. Stamps are similar to valuable artifacts, and philatelists are like archeologists. Top 11 Most Valuable and Rarest US Stamps Ever Made US Stamps with Faces of Famous People 1. The one-cent Benjamin Franklin stamp features a unique variety of grills, the Z-grill, possessing horizontal ridges rather than the usual vertical pattern. At first glance, you might think the Mauritius Post Office stamps are the same as other British stamps from the era. Baden 9 Kreuzer Error And we got to the number 1 on our list. The most valuable United States stamp is the Inverted Jenny, which is worth around $1.5 million. The last known sale was in 2004 when a Red Maiden in the Green Robe stamp sold for $444,477 in Hong Kong, equal to $680,300 in 2022 dollars. Regency Superior image. In, Read More Most Valuable 1995 2 Dollar Bill (Worth Up to $12,650)Continue, Your email address will not be published. Due to some mistake, the dollar was printed too small and lately, it was replaced with a larger image. George Washington B-Grill Rose 1868 3. The first Hawaiian stamps appeared in 1851. They are valued at $600,000 or more depending on the condition of the particular stamp being sold. Benjamin Franklin Green One Cent U.S. Postage Stamp Very Rare. 100+Most+Valuable+Postage+Stamps | Booklet versus other stamps. Tiflis Unique is an outstanding postage stamp that was issued in the Russian Empire (now it is the Georgia Republic). Sicily error of color is considered to be the most expensive Italian stamp. Arguably the most important aspect of any collectible stamp is how rare it is. Search By Photo. Only one single sheet of 100 stamps was created, with mainly single examples existing today. Usually, stamps issued before the late 1900s are historically relevant and thus prized by collectors and traded at great costs. The single stamp had been sold at 150.000 Euro, while a sheet of 10 achieved a price of 430.000 Euro. In 1998, one sold for $935,000 at auction. Some stamps may be valued at just a few dollars, while others cost up to a million dollars on auction platforms. If you had to guess what is secured in the many lockboxes of banks around the world, youd probably come up with a list of precious metals, jewels, and currency. Many years ago, the Kingdom of Hawaii was sovereign, and many people were sent there on a religious mission. This impressive stamp commemorates the historic proclamation of independence of the United States. The 1856 British Guiana 1 Cent Magenta is known to have one in existence and is the only major postage stamp missing from Britains Royal Philatelic Collection. This section reveals the most valuable US stamps across various periods and provides useful information on the following: These are the 6 most valuable US stamps according to past auctions and various outlets trading valuable collectibles: Sit tight as we elucidate the 6 most prized stamps list by extensively reviewing each stamp mentioned above. Nonetheless, only a few blocks have survived. 345,000.00, December 2010, Cherrystone. The Whole Country is Red is a valuable Chinese stamp issued in 1968. This stamp from 1868 was part of a small batch with a Z Grill pattern of horizontal z-shaped indentations. Whistler's Mother stamp, released 1934. In 12 years, its value has tripled. The worst examples often make incredible collectors items. Youll also realize the best mediums to buy and sell valuable US stamps. The unique blue Hawaiian 2-cent stamp. The local designs were printed in black ink on low-quality magenta-colored paper. 25 sold . Thats why there is no universal rule as to the placement of the watermark on the item and each individual variation is eligible for sale. Stamp dealers are a great way to trade valuable US stamps and build a decent collection. The six most valuable US postal stamps that sell for up to $203. Other valuable United States stamps include the 1847 Ben Franklin stamp, which is worth around $700,000, and the 1869 . The Inverted Jenny (Courtesy of Siegel Auction Gallery) Debatably the rarest. The block of six 15c Landing of Columbus stamps that was part of a famous William Gross collection was sold for $150,000 by Robert A Siegel in October, 2018. A good-condition 24 cent 1869 Declaration of Independence stamp with a properly aligned image may be considered valuable. Reason Why It's One of the World's Valuable Stamps: Z pattern that is unique among grill templates used by the USPS. The postmaster of British Guiana asked the publishers of the Official Gazette newspaper in Georgetown to print an emergency issue for local use. The sender was James Hoof, who wrote to Janette Brown against the wishes of her family. The USA was the first country to release grilled stamps and was the only state to so until the mid-1870-s. An unused sample with an inverted center is currently valued at $275,000. Vintage Postage. Still, you may benefit from this predisposition if you possess a rare and valuable US stamp you wish to sell. One of these unique stamps (illustrated here) was sold for 480,000 (or above $700,000) at David Feldman auction in 2008. Washington. Experts assert that only seven such stamps were preserved, but almost all of them are buff or brownish-yellow. As of 2008, three of them were sold in 1993, 1998, and 2008, respectively. One such stamp sold for $152.50 on eBay in May after receiving eight bids. The 2 blue stamp shown above is another US rarity. This impressive item was sold for 8.1 million that is equivalent to almost $12 million. Shoe designer Stuart Weitzman is known to be the owner of the British Guiana 1856 1 Cent Magenta, which was the worlds most valuable stamp at the time he purchased it. Small pieces of faded paper commemorating historic faces and epic events that used to adorn crispy yellow envelopes received by our far ancestors are now worth a fortune. Another peculiarity of this piece is that, on this stamp, not the center but the background is inverted. Keep Your Tongue Off The Most Valuable Stamps, Mauritius 1847 Post Office Stamps: $12,760,600, British Guiana 1856 1 Cent Magenta: $11,601,700, Inverted Declaration of Independence: $1,611,400, 6d Pale Dull Purple I.R. This stamp sold for $ 2 million four hundred thousand at auction. Here are 11 of the most famous examples: 1934 Whistler's Mother stamp. "One of the finest examples of engraving, the center of the stamp is a miniature masterpiece," according to Mystic Stamp. All products featured in this article are independently selected by our editors. Another top spot in the list of the most valuable stamps to look out for is held by a misprinted example. 1916 stamp - $202.51. For a very long time, the 1856 one-cent "Black on Magenta" of British Guiana was considered to be the world's rarest and most expensive stamp. The other sale was held by David Feldman in May 2010. The lot fetched $850,000. Some individuals whove owned or still own Inverted Jennys, including Position 49, are: The 24 Cent Declaration of Independence stamp of 1869 is widely regarded as a masterpiece in the philatelic world due to its rich historical relevance. It sold for $1.18 million in 2019, equivalent to $2,035,500 in inflation-adjusted 2022 dollars. Not only does this stamp include an erroneously upside-down print, but it also incorporates a bit of mail history. One of the world's great philatelic rarities". It was part of many famous collections and fetched incredible prices every time it appeared at an auction. Like coins, antique stamps or stamps with errors can sell for thousands of times more than their printed face value. This rare US Franklin stamp was created in 1851 and it has 8 varieties. It was sold at InterAsia auction that took place in June 2013. "Continental Grill". 17 August 2021. Issued on 10 May 1918, this is the USA stamp that has a face value of 24 cents. In May 2013 this unique collectible was purchased by Count Gustaf Douglas, one of the richest men of the world, a Swedish nobleman and politician, in a private sale (the exact price was not revealed). As part of the same series as the Declaration stamp, this 15-cent piece features another painting miniaturized on a postal note. In the heat of the Civil War, the US government annulled the existing stamps and adopted revamped designs. Although this B-grill stamp was initially worth 3 cents like the conventional design when first issued, its value has significantly skyrocketed because of its rarity. Just days until a whole new slew of beloved stores close - see where, 20 'secret' clearance items to buy at Walmart at up to 75% off, Brand new $914 direct payment drops in two weeks - when to check your account, I tried the new Walmart test store - it's much better than Target, 2020 THE SUN, US, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | TERMS OF USE | PRIVACY | YOUR AD CHOICES | SITEMAP, Rare and old stamps can be worth hundreds, especially in good condition, Even in used condition, these one cent stamps sell for hundreds of dollars, This multi-colored stamp depicts the signing of the Declaration of Independence, This orange stamp featuring Benjamin Franklin was worth 30 cents in the 1860s, This 15-cent stamp features Christopher Columbus, Ben Franklin has been a staple on stamp designs for nearly two centuries, This stamp featuring Franklin is one of the oldest in the US stamp series. However, the production of the stamps was soon discontinued. The specimen shown above has an inverted center. Rather crude-looking designs were printed in one-cent and four-cent denominations. A Basel Dove stamp is now worth around $20,000. In an unused condition, the stamp without gum, featuring margins all around was estimated at 70,000-100,000 but was knocked down with a hammer price of 165,000, or roughly $228,761 (in 2021). During their production, a wrong ink was used, and it is believed that multiple sheets were printed using the wrong color. ), The 1982 Penny Value Chart (Most Valuable Penny Sold for $18,800), Most Valuable Antique and Vintage Vases: Identifying, Valuing and Buying (2023 Updated), A Detailed Outlook on the 2000 Sacagawea Dollar Value, Antique Floor Lamp: Identification, Valuation, And Buying Guide (2023 Updated), The stamps highest recorded auction price so far, The reasons and features behind the stamps value, History of past sales, acquisitions, and ownership. 10 000. Originally it cost only 1 peso. The Inverted Jenny and Inverted Declaration of Independence stamps are significantly worth more than their flawless equivalents. At least three are affixed to Ball Covers from Lady Elizabeth Gomm who was known for throwing lavish balls in Mauritius at the time. Rare US stamp on the envelope. It has been the highlight of many US stamp auctions. 2c carmine vertical coil pair is widely regarded as one of the most important rarities of the United States philatelic history. 1869 Landing of Columbus stamp - $127.50. 1. The medium you employ to purchase or auction stamps considerably determines their value and bargain price. Conversely, you may sell a precious US stamp at a decent price on the same platform because of the favorable number of bidders and serious competition it attracts. An anonymous bidder bought a pink 1868 3-cent depicting George Washington at a monumental price of $1.035 million, including commission costs, in 2008. Stamps are most valuable if they are rare, misprinted, or have an interesting history. Cherrystone image. The 30-cent worth Shield and Flag piece with inverted flags is considered to be the rarest of the 1869 error stamp. If you want to identify your stamp that looks like one of the stamps on this list, you need to check all of its varieties (this information is available to our subscribers on our website). It features an army of smiling Chinese citizens holding Maos Little Red Book, a symbol of communism. The only known example of Treskilling Yellow exists today. British Guiana 1-Cent Magenta, 1856 stamp was sold in New York for $9.48 million at Sotheby's in June 2014. In 2019 Spink traded the unique center line block of four Inverted Jenny stamps in sound condition, with the disturbed gum for $ 1,740,000. While the rest are plentiful and not incredibly valuable, the B-Grill version is one of the most valuable stamps to look out for and only four known examples exist today. Here are the top 3 most prized US stamps by collectors in recent times: Valued at $1.593 million; most expensive philatelic item in modern history; one of the most valuable US stamps of the 1900s (probably the most valuable); most well-known US stamp; with unusual printing error; over 100 years old; historically significant; over 50 but less than 100 left in the world. But the cover survived and was revealed 50 years later in Janettes sewing box. They were exclusively used by the Inland Revenue government department, and it would have been a criminal offense for the public to possess or sell these stamps. For instance, a block of ten copies was sold for $75,000 at a Robert Siegel auction. Wilton Stamp.Goldin Auctions. ), Do you love squishmallows? A rare Plate 77 Penny Red sold in 2016 for 495,000, equal to about USD 804,960 today. The Two Penny Blue is the worlds second official postage stamp, coming behind the legendary Penny Black. These are actually the oldest US stamps that can still be used to send letters. Free shipping . Each sample was initialed by a post office employee as a security measure against possible forgeries. Rarest and most expensive Swedish stamps list, Used US Stamps (1901-Now) for sale | eBay, Rarest, Most Expensive Stamps Around the World, Most valuable and rare stamps in the UK that could be worth up to 500,000, 10 SUPER RARE STAMPS WORTH MONEY - EXTREMELY VALUABLE STAMPS, Walking The Spanish Civil War In Barcelona. This unique philatelic rarity was sold for $575,000 at Robert A Siegel sale that took place in June, 2008. The Mauritius 1847 Post Office Stamps are the worlds most valuable stamps. The rarity of this item is explained by the printing error that resulted in yellow being used instead of the usual green color. most expensive American stamps 50 most valuable stamps from America u.s.a stamps Share Watch on Incoming search terms: list of valuable postage stamps Tags: america, american, expensive, most, stamps, valuable Next Post Previous Post Search for: Recent Posts Vintage Navajo Sterling Robert Mac Eustace Jones hand stamped Cuff Bracelet In addition, you will learn which of them will be put up for auction next month at Siegel Auction Gallery. As a result, the 1897 Red Revenue One Dollar Small stamp has become one of Chinas most expensive stamps. One of the few Mint Never-Hinged copies of the Inverted Jenny (Position 77) appeared at Siegel auction on March 31, 2021, where it realized $944,000. The lot that was a part of the hilarious William Gross collection fetched $140,000. A SURVEY OF THE MOST VALUABLE US STAMPS WANTED BY COLLECTORS From socialmoms.com See details WORLD'S MOST VALUABLE STAMP EXPECTED TO SELL FOR UP $15M IN NEW 2021-04-29 When it goes to auction in June it is expected to sell for between $10m and $15m - more than a billion times its original value. The lot was part of a famous and valuable collection of German-born businessman Erivan Haub. The estimated value of Post Office Mauritius on the red cover is over 8.1 million which was last sold in 2021. Previously this old stamp was part of the collection formed by Sir Percival David. The current record price for a single stamp is US$ 9,480,000 paid for the British Guiana 1c magenta. Travel back in time to mail from another era. 3. In 2011, a rare Canada 1851 12d Black Empress was sold for $425,000, the equivalent to $546,200 in inflation-adjusted 2022 dollars. It was quickly replaced with smaller grills, leading to the iconic status and one of the rarest stamps in the world. This was one of the starring lots of The New Amsterdam Collection of United States Rarities. Franklin Roosevelt and Harold L. Ickes, his Secretary of the Interior, were members of the APS in 1940. In 1856, the former colony of British Guiana urgently required an extra supply of stamps and couldnt wait for a fresh stock of new stamps to arrive from England where they were normally produced. The perfect mix of modern luxury business and lifestyle stories. Like with many incredibly valuable stamps, unique imperfections create extreme value. found on the 1-30 stamps (US 156-165) and the 2 vermilion & 5 Taylor (US 178 & 179) 9-10 x 12. From 1908 through 1922, 250 different stamp variations were created, all of which featured Franklin or President George Washington, according to the Smithsonian. Strips of three red-brown and green stamps. In 2021, one Ball Cover featuring a One Penny red stamp sold for 10,027,800, or about $12,760,600 in inflation-adjusted 2022 dollars. The only unused copy of this rare collectible was offered during January 18-20 at Spink auction in Hong Kong in 2019. Price: $935,000. The Two Penny Blue was meant for heavier items and was used less often than the Penny Black. One of the five known inverts of this type. The surviving four 1868 George Washington B-grill stamps were rediscovered in an envelope destined for Germany in 1969. Listed with an opening bid of 800,000, the lot was hammered down at 1,524,601 (with buyers premium), or approximately $1.73 million in U.S. dollars. The exact price was not disclosed, but it was believed to be around 1.7 million (or roughly $2.6 million). The lot fetched $625,000. The problem with buying stamps at an auction is that the price may be significantly high due to competition. The envelope with the two strips was sold for $77,625 at a Cherrystone auction. Also Read:Forever Stamp Value 2022 (Most Expensive Lot Sold For Over $12,000! The piece was sold at a Siegel Auctions event for as much as $800,000. Over the years, the uniqueness of this stamp created an uproar in the philatelic circles, as no other copy was ever discovered. This series is not perforated as well as the very first issue. Incredibly popular nowadays, the 1869 pictorial series was ignored by the 19th-century public and soon withdrawn from production. 1869 24-cent specimen with an inverted center, #120b, unused, no gum, certified fine, was sold for a record $1.2 million at Philip Weiss Auctions on February 9, 2008. As philately readies itself for a major reveal, we look back at 10 of the rarest stamps in American history. Experts claim that only four specimens (all of which are cancelled) can be found on the market today. Lot was sold for $525,000. Out of the 51,000 originally printed, it is believed that fewer than 145 of these stamps exist today, in any condition. The most important piece, however, is the Bordeaux Cover. List of most expensive philatelic items This is a list of the highest known prices paid for philatelic items, including stamps and covers. The first one-cent stamp ever produced, the 1851 Franklin stamp is an iconic piece of philatelic history. At present, there are only two existing samples that are very high priced. His profile crowned the 1867 stamp series and was available in several variations. . The first design given actual catalog status was the "A" grill covering the entire stamp, and found on only three denominations of the 1861 . Theyre so named because they were commonly seen in missionaries correspondence. Abraham Lincoln Stamp 1867 2. 100 Most Valuable Stamps American Coins Postage Things To Sell George-Washington-2-Cent-Stamp Postage Stamp Art King Picture Star Wars Figurines A rare version of the Plate 77 Penny Red stamp sold for 550,000 in 2012 Vintage Stamps Postage Asian History British History Strange History History Facts History Queen The lot with "segmented cork cancel, well centered on crisp white paper, completely sound, ex-Laurence and Stryker, with 1958 and 2019 Philatelic Foundation certificates" was hammered down at $1,000,000. 1851 Benjamin Franklin is one of the oldest U.S. stamps. The 2-cents Hawaiian Missionary stamp features a standard printers ornament in design. Approximately 90 stamps have been saved, and each of them is considered a true rarity. The newest stamp on this list, an eBay seller recently made $115 by selling one of these 104-year-old Franklin stamps. The mistake that occurred during the process of printing made this philatelic item so unique. In mint condition, #J59 stamps can be worth as much as $4,500. Seven (7) years later, the United States joined the postage stamps bandwagon, with the first US general issue postage stamps going up for sale on July 1, 1847, in New York. You may auction or purchase exceptionally valuable US platforms at auction houses or platforms. It is notable that the item was resold several times before the event in 2013. It belongs to the second issue of US postage stamps. . The respected American stamp collector Bill Gross recently auctioned his prized stamp collection for millions of dollars ($10 million) in October 2018. The 1868 George Washington B-Grill stamp, known for the characteristic waffle-like grill on its posterior aspect, was the first of its kind. But it was a telltale sign for anyone seeking to uncover military secrets. During a Cherrystone auction, one of such blocks was sold for $97,750. The Oracle of Omaha knows he isnt the first influential American stamp collector and wont be the last multibillionaire to adore stamps. The stamp is definitely one of the greatest rarities of the United States philately and one of the key items for any collection of US stamps. A rare cover franked with this vintage stamp from the old German state of Baden was auctioned by Heinrich Koehler in June 2019. Red revenue stamp was made with a dollar imprint to commemorate this reform. The United States has issued over 5000 stamps since 1847. In 1869, US stamps were printed in two colors for the first time, according to the Smithsonian. Inverted jenny, 24c carmine rose and blue, center inverted, position 22 (C3a). An ancient stamp still embedded in its original envelope and featuring a special cancellation mark will be more expensive and desired than a plain equivalent. Another popular stamp associated with the Civil War issue is devoted to Benjamin Franklin, a famous political theorist, diplomat, author, scientist, and the president of Pennsylvania.

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