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Featuring, modern amenities paired with classic elegance, a stay here is a memorable experience. Ghosts have been spotted in and around the hotel by many guests over the years. Their bodies were later found in the river under the Santa Margarita Bridge. In room 307, a ghost named Calvin is accompanied bya prostitute of the Prohibition era who was found decapitated in the rooms closet by a maid. Stay On Main (The Cecil Hotel), Downtown LA 7. Address: 2401 Laurel Canyon Boulevard Los Angeles, CA. During a busy evening in 1933, tragedy struck at the theater. Reserve This Haunted Hotel Then, rent a paddleboat or rowboat and explore the scenic lake. More Haunted Hotels in Arkansas California: The Queen Mary, Long Beach Most Haunted Rooms: Stateroom B340 Full Review: The Queen Mary Hotel Regarded by many as one of the most haunted hotels in the United States, the Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, CA, certainly promises a lot. You may spot the spirit of a small child named Charlie, or of a young adult named James who tragically killed himself. Which spirit will you see on your visit to the citys most haunted cemetery? The hotel is well-known to be inhabited by the restless spirit of Kate Morgan, the possibly murdered wife of a 1800s card shark. 726 N. Main Street, Fort Bragg. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles. Nikki is a California-raised 20-something providing useful travel tips and fun trip ideas for young professionals looking to get the most out of their vacation time. The location, for one, is ideal. Peaceful ghosts walk the halls of this gorgeous Sonoma County manor, including a woman Hannah Paxton who was the wife of the original builder and owner John Paxton. I wasnt awakened by flickering lights and I did not witness any items moved out of place, but was caught off-guard by something a bit less noticeable. Photo credit left: flickr/peterthoeny right: flickr/horriblecherry. She was the common-law wife of MGM producer, Paul Bern. After many years in service as a troop transport, refugee carrier, and regular passenger ship, the Queen Mary has picked up a staggering array of paranormal entities. Sign up to get insider tips and travel guides delivered right to your inbox! In the evening, you can return to the hotel and sip wine as you enjoy live music in the lobby. Supposedly, Stanthe hotels desk clerk from the 1800scan still be heard coughing in the lobby and on the stairs. View Post Big Sur Camping: The Best Big Sur Campgrounds In 2023Continue, Your email address will not be published. Hop aboard if you dare, but don't expect much priva, The Queen Mary is one of the most talked-about. The Hotel Del Coronado is widely considered to be the most haunted hotel in California. [BOOK A ROOM], Read more on the haunted Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, California. A visit here can put you face to face with some of the areas residents from long ago. Because of strict orders, the ship was not allowed to stop and help those who survived, so the men were abandoned in the open ocean. However, there is also a much darker side that includes a whole host of haunted hotels! Visit here to enjoy the amazing weather and a possible eerie experience. [BOOK A ROOM]. Its known as one of the most haunted places in all of the city. Plus, youll get to treat yourself to pizza and beer at the end. Read more 0 Fensalden Inn Albion, California 16.8 miles from Fort Bragg, CA Fort Humboldt State Park. 1.8 House of Marilyn Monroe. It actually is called the Hotel California, and its down in Baja California. Permanently docked in Long Beach, the ship is today a hotel and tourist attraction. There are said to be many spirits haunting the vessel believed to date back to its time in service as a troop transporter, refugee carrier, and passenger ship. Her ghost is behind lots of activity on the fourth floor, mainly in room 410 her old office! Hotel Emblem (formerly Hotel Rex) 5. 11 Best Day Trips From San Diego, California 1. But due to a devastating fire, the majority of the El Doradowhich was largely comprised of woodburned to the ground, and a new structure took its place. Frank Sinatra owned the place in the 1960s and Marilyn Monroe stayed in a cabin here as well. View Post Central CA Coast Travel Guide (Best Towns, Where To Stay & More)Continue. Amenities, maps, truck stops, rest areas, Wal-mart and casino parking, low clearances and much more. 3. During Halloween, its hard to not believe in the paranormal, so we went out in search of the most LEGENDARY haunted hotels in California. Her body was found on the staircase leading to the beach, but her spirit never left the hotel. They can even feel the undeniable energy drifting up from the spooky spaces below. The hotel was the setting of her torrid and not-so-secret affair. Those working above them have heard strange noises and have seen eerie sights. The California Capital's Most Haunted Accommodations Sacramento is one of the most beautiful capitals in the country. And that's just the beginning, The Golden State is brimming with Hollywood film stars, Gold Rush mining sites, and popular vacation destinations, so its no wonder there are also dozens of. Haunted Places to Stay in California 04. Youll ride along in a cable car with your guide, stopping at all of the areas most notorious haunts. The wooden sidewalks and dusty streets have seen many a cowboy and pioneer pass through. November 04, 2021 By: Maggie Miller Related To: Haunted Travel's Best View The Gallery 1 / 21 2. The Cosmopolitan Hotel has been recognized by the paranormal community as one of the most haunted places in San Diego, which is saying a lot because just around the corner in Old Town is the infamously haunted Whaley House. ), BEST Travel Camera 2023 (Top Cameras For Every Budget), Best Camera Lenses for Travel Photography (2023 Buying Guide), The BEST Camping Stoves Of 2023: Round Up And Review. What are people saying about haunted hotels in Vacaville, CA? The Queen Mary retired from her life as a luxury cruise liner to her final resting place in Long Beach Harbor. Moreover, the old architecture reminds you of the home of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Haunted Hotel Originally built as an etiquette school for girls in 1890, Queen Anne Hotel is still home to a few ghosts from the past. The Haunted Hotel is bringing the PARTY to your haunt experience with Roaming Characters, Light Shows, VR Areas, Axe Throwing, Glow Wear, Spirited Libations, LIVE entertainment and DJ's! Learn more about our selection criteria and vetting process. But dont worry, according to reports, its a friendly ghost. Haunted Hotels in California The Queen Mary by Ed and Jennifer Coleman The Queen Mary (Long Beach, California) The most unique hotel in Southern California is also considered one of the "Top 10 Most Haunted Places on Earth" according to Time magazine.. Montgomery Clift and Marilyn Monroe are the spirits said to roam the halls. Required fields are marked *. Camping in Big Sur is truly magical. And given its 12 stories of luxury, 300 glamorous guest rooms and 63 suites, and breathtaking Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, its easy to see why people would want to stop by. Though all signs pointed to suicide, Millette was found dead a day later, after jumping overboard from the Delta King on September 6. The building was sold to another buyer nine years later, and legend has it that Miss Mary Lake was not happy about the sale. However, the most prominent spirit at the Napa River Inn is a woman dressed in white. Westin St. Francis (from USD 38.0) Westin St. Francis Hotel is a historic place with weird and strange stories. The rooms have a little fridge, very soft pillows, and great amenities. It's even home to Northern California oldest and most haunted hotelThe Groveland Hotel. . One of the most unique places to stay, The Delta King Riverboat Hotel, is a restored paddlewheel riverboat that dates back to the 1920s. The Hotel Dunsmuir has been around since the 1800s, and boy oh boy does it have a lot of ghosts. Of course, unexpected and unusual occurrences are always a bit startlinglike when the doorknob moves on its own or when whistling can be heard in the room but nobody is therebut it is October, so you can anticipate plenty of tricks. For a time in the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe took up residence in Suite 1200, and while the room itself is not particularly haunted, people frequently report seeing her reflection in a mirror in the lobby, which used to hang in her room. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is one of the most popular haunted hotels in Los Angeles. Known. Maybe they just have the bad luck to be near points of psychic turmoil. Thepresence of these ghosts is hard to deny even the inns staff fully acknowledge them! A suspected suicide, her spirit seems troubled with her irreversible decisions. A visit here can allow you to witness the history and mystery that this city holds within its streets. be the first to know The Hotel Del is happy to capitalize on the paranormal activity, and frequently hosts events or rents out the haunted rooms at a special rate. Some of the greatest cities in the nation. When it opened in 1933, it was used as a speakeasy and a getaway for celebrities like Charlie Chaplin and Clark Gable. But what if you are looking for accommodations with a twist? Detailed Road Trip Packing List 2023 (Must-Have Essentials! Despite its ghosts, the Cosmopolitan Hotel is excellent for those who gravitate toward historic hotels. Our online publication, updated daily, brings you all the content you need to live your California dreams. From strange sounds in hallways to mysterious figures appearing in mirrors, there is no shortage of apparitions. Learn about the Wild West days and the most famous ghosts that frequent Old Town. Unusually cold rooms are reported during warm weather, elevators go up and down without being prompted, doors open and close, and one guest has even reported havinga personal encounter with the ghost of Robert Keig, the second owner of the once working mill. Thanks for signing up. Ask the staff for the inside scoop for the rooms and areas that see the most supernatural action. The Stanley Hotel is one of the most famous haunted hotels in the USA, thanks to the King of Horror, Stephen King. In fact, the evening is the most exciting time at Hotel Union Square. Hotel Union Square 2. The combination of history and underground seclusion make The Old Sacramento Tunnels a hotspot for paranormal activity. But just keep an eye out, because you never know what you might see in the night. It was during this time that the vessel ran through its escort ship, leaving hundreds of men flailing in the waters below. Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans, Louisiana. With only ten rooms, its a cozy spot to rest your head. There are two restaurants for your dining pleasure as well as a dinner theater. It was completed in 1917. The family continued on with their day and eventually opened up a book of previous guests, and tucked into the pages was a photograph of Belushi. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, California, is a haunted hotel because it is said that many celebrities haunt the property. For the devotee of the paranormal, its entirely possible to take a ghost tour of the state. Several hunters report also spotting a White Lady, a type of spirit that signals a nearby murder or suicide. A show here is a great activity to add to your San Francisco itinerary. Gift shop staff are convinced Kate isnt fond of blondes; according to the two women who run the shop, Marilyn Monroe memorabilia often flies off the shelf mysteriously yet Kate Morgan items remain untouched. Although there are no specific names for other spirits here, theres no shortage of paranormal activity. The Hotel Del Coronado has received a lot of attention over the years. From its manicured gardens, beachside location, to its spirited guests, The Del is iconic for many reasons. After hearing of books written about the legend and paranormal research confirmation, the legendary Kate Morgan rumors were enough to make me want to see it for myself. One winter's night, King stayed at this ivory hued hotel outside the Rocky Mountain National Park.His short time here inspired one of his best-known works, The Shining.Guests often hear the sounds of piano music coming from an untraceable source and mad laughter sweeping through . Sacramento is one of the most beautiful capitals in the country. Later, it was sold and revamped into a luxurious hotel. But the most active area seems to be the gift shop, where film memorabilia from. Not all ghosts are out to scare us to death. Eating out can be challenging at times. She firmly believed that she was haunted and pursued by the ghosts of those killed by Winchester guns, and she spent the rest of her life defending against their spectral assault. Not just that, youll often feel her presence and hear her pacing around her old office! Not Sell My Personal Information. A stay here is sure to be one you wont soon forget. Albert Hatt died, are reported to be the most haunted. This environmentally friendly hotel has a ton to offer guests. With this colorful history its little surprise there are stories of ghosts. It seems that the hauntings arent confined to the tunnels themselves. Indulge yourself in yummy croissants and homemade pies at these 9 best bakeries in San Francisco. Whether youre a seasoned ghost hunter, just another thrill seeker, or a skeptic whos only looking for free cable, these establishments are not to be missed. 910 Prospect Street, La Jolla, California 92037 858.454.2181. If I didn't get to see anything creepy, I was hoping to get at least a few spine tingles out of sleeping alone in one of California's . Contents hide 1 Chateau Marmont - Los Angeles 2 Queen Anne Hotel - San Francisco 3 Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - Los Angeles 4 Hotel del Coronado - San Diego 5 Hotel Dunsmuir - Dunsmuir 6 Queen Mary Hotel - Long Beach 7 La Playa Hotel - Carmel 8 Union Hotel - Benicia 9 Cecil Hotel - Los Angeles We start off in the port city of Eureka, tucked away in the northwestern part of the state. Discover the best of California. Have you had strange or inexplicable experiences in any of these hotels? A stay here might even earn you a supernatural experience of your own. Thankfully, the majority of the states spirits tend to be more helpful than harmful; some tuck guests into bed while others simply roam the rooms they once inhabited. She has been witnessed by a paranormal expert who explored the house, as well as numerous guests. Her apparition is known to wander through the rooms in the early hours. What happened to those teenagers is still a mystery to this day. Your email address will not be published. Legend has it that a young mom was at the lake one day, pushing her baby in a stroller. Napa River Inn, Napa 6. The property is famously haunted by the ghost of a woman named Kate Morgan, who was believed to have been the murdered wife of a card shark circa the 1800s. Taking the short drive to the Santa Margarita River Bridge can give you the chance to check out one of the areas hot spots for paranormal activity. Over the years, many guests have had creepy encounters with the statue. California is best known for being full of sunshine and celebrities. Employees tend to hear whispering, voices and even an occasional "Good morning" in the empty restaurant. Today, the hotel is said to be haunted be a Victorian woman who haunts the restaurant, appears in mirrors, has been known to visit guestrooms, and likes to play tricks on the hotel staff. Guests taking them up on their offer can expect rattling chains, moans, and faucets turning on and off by themselves. During the 1950's Marilyn temporarily resided in Suite 1200, which led up to the peak of her modeling career. Unfortunate coincidences and unruly guests seemed to rule the day at the Cecil, though. Its a nice spot to relax and recuperate before a day spent hiking through the rocky terrain of the park, and thousands of people have done just that. The city of San Francisco is the ideal place to enjoy the water along with some eerie experiences. Nestled in the sleepy historic district ofTemeculais The Palomar Inn. You might even hear the mysterious sounds that have been noticed by others here. California is a wonderful place to visit or to live. 1. Ghost tours and sances are regularly available, and the home is also open as a hotel for exceptionally brave tourists. Wangkun Jia/Shutterstock. However, Stan continues to remain loyal to his post. The Old Town area of Temecula dates back to the Old Wild West days. Im also a member of other affiliate programs. As one of the most famous haunted hotels in California, the Queen Mary is no stranger to visitors. Doors slam, books fly across the room, and footsteps are heard all over. Actor Montgomery Clift stayed in room 928 while filming. Feeling quaint and comfortable, you can reserve an authentic guest room or suite that includes a full kitchen. Upon arriving, the Dels staff were happy to share their encounters with Kate and gave me more than enough stories to intrigue me. Known as a celebrity hotspot, West Hollywoods Chateau Marmont is visited by plenty of actorsboth living and deceased. Perhaps the most famous legend is of a small girl named Caroline, who supposedly drowned in the hotels poolwith her brother after their father left to run an errand. 1. Despite their dark histories, they all offer comfortable lodgings and easy access to nearby hiking, camping, and other attractions. The Groveland Hotel/Facebook Originally built as a trading post in 1849, The Groveland Hotel has played many roles over the years. Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco. Its also no surprise that it makes this burial ground one of the citys most haunted spots. Its widely regarded as the most haunted hotel in San Francisco and has been welcoming paranormal enthusiasts for decades. Opened in 1927, the Roosevelt became a top destination as Hollywoods stars frequented the hotel, with some even staying for extended periods of time. The haunted hotel in New Orleans has a history dating back to 1918. With a rich and complicated past, it's also one of the most haunted. Watch out for echoes of the past that still remain here. They have heard strange noises and seen unexplainable images. Haunted hotels are more than just a place to rest your head after your travels. The sprawling Victorian Gardens are a stunning place to visit. The historical landmark has a welcoming vibe. I, a rational skeptic, may very well now believe the real possibility of ghosts. Backpackerverse.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. The Hotel Del Coronado has received a lot of attention over the years. Julian Cemetery (View on Map) With a rich and complicated past, its also one of the most haunted. Despite this, the owner denies any knowledge of a ghost in the hotel! We've helped thousands of people plan their travels over the past 12 years. Many people, including much of the hotel staff, believes the hotel is still inhabited by Kates spirit to this day. The hotel was featured on an episode of Haunted Hotels. Along with these famous apparitions, other mysterious activity abounds: A man in a tuxedo is often noted in the Blossom Ballroom, a man in a white suit occasionally plays the piano, and the hotel operator gets calls from empty rooms. After being in the room for many hours, I distinctly smelled perfume near me and it was most definitely not my own. New Orleans, Louisiana often shows up on lists of America's most haunted cities. The Queen Mary is thought to have as many as 150 ghostly guests, including a woman dressed in all white dancing in the Queens Salon, a man who was killed in the boiler room by the water-tight door, a chef who was killed in the kitchen because of his poor cooking, and of course, the men who were left in the water and can still be heard calling for help. And one of the city's most haunted hotels is Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter. Or, really treat yourself and book the penthouse for access to a secluded deck with incomparable skyline views. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles, 9. She sat on a bench and got distracted and when she looked back to where she parked the stroller, the baby had mysteriously vanished. Aside from regular ghost tours and haunted overnight stays, the Queen Mary hosts a gala Halloween event each year. The most popularly reported spirit is that of actor and comedian John Belushi, who passed away in Bungalow 3 in the early 80s. Located just five miles from camping mecca Joshua Tree National Park, the Joshua Tree Inn is quaint and elegant. 1. In 1936, the ship served as an ocean liner before being used as a troopship during the war. It was during this time that the vessel ran through its escort ship, leaving hundreds of men flailing in the waters below. [BOOK A ROOM]. While this is one of the most enticing reasons to visit, room 928 features more frequent ghostly sightings. After Williams death, Sarah moved out west and purchased the San Jose home, and quickly set to work ghost-proofing it. The ghost is believed to be comedian John Belushi who died from a drug overdose in one of the bungalows in the early 1980s. A woman in a long dress, a woman in a flapper dress, running children, and voices coming from nowhere have been seen and heard, too. The most startling of the ghostly reports is the sound of an eerie voice uttering the words "good morning" when no one else is around. Her presence can also be felt outside of the roomher figure has been seen walking around the hallways, through the garden, and along the beach. Established in Los Angeles in 1927, the Hollywood Roosevelt has a reputation for housing some A-list ghosts, namely Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift. Man and woman apparitions are often seen here the Union Hotel, and legend is the young woman supposedly hung herself in one of the rooms. Attempts at contacting these spirits with ouija boards made for very frightening experiences, so do not mess with these ghosts! Don't worry, these hotels are haunted all year round. Its near all of San Franciscos must-see spots like Union Square, the Theater district, and incredible shops and restaurants. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is one of the most popular, . One of the most haunted places in Sacramento, the Delta King has a long history of hauntings. What does it mean to be a California.com Recommended Business? There she stood in the doorway; I heard the mission bell. A little girl possibly multiple children have been heard running up and down the halls, laughing, on the second floor. 1.2 Chihuahua Cemetery. The Patron Saint of Alternative County was a troubled soul, and his spirit apparently has not found peace even amongst the natural splendors of Joshua Tree. Credit: bigstock.com Stanley Hotel, Estes Park Stanley Hotel - Estes Park, Colorado Prices & Photos The Stanley Hotel is located in Estes Park, a small town on the eastern edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. [BOOK A ROOM]. While he enjoyed working in such close proximity to his love, Oscar was known to be a jealous man and after one of her former clients spoke badly about her, Oscar found himself in the middle of an altercation. You understand that your consent is not a condition of purchase, and that you can opt-out at any time. The Zaballa House is known to be the oldest standing house in Half Moon Bay, and Room 6 is said to be haunted. Equipped with a ghost hunting kit (and a couple drinks to keep our wits about us), we set off on a quest to find Groucho Marx or the other residence ghost, Abigail. Other ghosts haunting the hotel include a little girl named Caroline, who drowned in the hotel pool.

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